People always ask us “ How do I know if a coworking community is a good fit?”. Below we have come up with a few key things to look for, to make sure that the community you’re looking into is the right fit. Remember you will be spending more time at the space than anywhere else, so make sure it’s equipped to handle all of your needs.



When you are deciding what community you are going to be a part of, ask yourself if the people there seem warm and happy?Is the space dull? What is everyone’s vibe? You definitely don’t want to put yourself in a bad space. Believe it or not the atmosphere and the moods of others around you will affect your day and your overall performance. We want to make sure that everyone is happy, productive, and growing together toward success. Not waiting till times up, dreading the guy in the corner, or the neighbor that won’t stop singing the same one line over and over.


You can always plug-in an Ethernet cable and be tied to a desk. Having Wi-Fi that is speedy and reliable is an absolute “must have.” Trust us when we say the worst thing that you can do is try to succeed and grow your business with poor connectivity. Spotty Wi-Fi equals patchy conference calls, dropped video chats, poor streaming, missed deadlines and worst of all money lost. Make sure you ask about network speeds and capabilities.



We all need fuel to make it through the day, so make sure the space is close to everything you need. Some only need 7-11 and some need a strip mall. Figure out what you’ll need close by food, postal service, printing, or some form of urban transportation? Double check to make sure you have everything you need to be the best you and efficiently get your work done.




Most would assume that in a shared work space everyone is quiet, calm, and conscious about everyone else’s work and needs, but that’s not always the case. Make sure they have a place for you to get some silence if you need it. Remember that it is a CO-work space, key word CO. When sharing a space with others, you never know what others may need to do to get what they need done, done. The best thing to do is ask the community manager what the normal volume throughout the day is and ask if they have an area for you to get some silence if you need it.



Kumbaya Space offers events to grow the community and allow everyone to connect and grow together. Make sure that the space that you are looking into does the same and that their events speak to you. Events range from networking to sculpting, so make sure you ask.

Conference Rooms

You will need a place to be able to host meetings.Make sure the space offers meeting rooms that are accessible. In most coworking communities you have “x” amount of time allotted for you to use the meeting space. Make sure you have enough time to last you, so when you get that big client to come in, your good to go. Trust us; you do not want to schedule a meeting and have nowhere to meet.