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Professional Services Platform (KSPS)

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Legal Services


Writing and Transalation

Branding Services

Finance & Accounting


The Kumbaya Space Advantage:

A community not limited to membership. That’s why we are a Global Village.


Shared Space

Shared back-office services and on-site staff facilities.


Student passes, weekend and after hours, hourly space rental etc


Diverse and unique activities like cultural awareness events, P2P (peer to peer) networking events, presentations, and mock pitching sessions, etc.


Affordable and competitively priced packages and services.


Close to downtown, free parking and access to amenities.

Our members benefit from two levels of professional back end offices services which are crucial to the success of any business.

We Are Kumbaya 

Your Success is What Makes Us! We believe that success is not determined by what you do, but by who you do it with. That is why you are such an integral part of our community. We believe in empowering businesses with the tools and network to help you grow, learn and help each other navigate. Our spaces are beautifully and aesthetically designed to help you succeed.

We offer a community that fosters creativity, and offers diverse, vibrant, and well designed spaces that ascribe to your success. 

Kumbaya HUB 


Kumbaya HUB  provides all-inclusive support for start-ups or newly established businesses. Our HUB offers a valuable mix of low-cost office spaces, networking opportunities, business advise and most importantly shared services (Accounting, HR, Marketing, Technical Support, Administrative Services etc.). We help bring business ideas to fruition.


Kumbaya Space 

We tailor your experience with us based on your individual needs, goals, and industry. We believe that success is not determined by what you do, but by who you do it with. That is why you are such an integral part of our community.  We have designed a place that will exploit your strengths, and hone in on and build you up where you need some extra attention. With industry leading experts ready to advise you on your journey to the stars






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